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ICARUS. - Integrated Climate forcing and Air pollution Reduction in Urban Systems


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ICARUS – Integrated Climate forcing and Air pollution Reduction in Urban Systems – will develop integrated tools and strategies for urban impact assessment with the aim to improve the air quality and reduce the carbon footprint in EU Member States. The project methodology will be applied in nine European cities of variable size, including Athens, Thessaloniki, Milan, Madrid, Ljubljana in the Mediterranean region, as well as Stuttgart, Bristol, Brno and Basel in Central and Western Europe. The cities have been selected carefully to represent the mix of urban settings around Europe, reflect the variable socio-economic dynamics and geo-demographic criteria across the EU, and cover the whole spectrum of “green urban management”.

ICARUS will also carry out policy analyses to determine the most sustainable GHG mitigation and air quality (AQ) improvement strategies and measures for the short and medium term (until ca. 2030). The latter will be proposed to the authorities responsible for atmospheric pollution and climate protection management and to the main industrial end-users as guidance for decision-making. For the long term perspective (2050 and beyond), ICARUS will develop visions of green cities and explore pathways on how to start realizing these visions.

ICARUS is a 6,5 million Euro flagship research project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme. The project starts on 1 May 2016 and finishes in April 2020. The project consortium involves 18 partners, led by the EnvE Lab of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

ICARUS will host its Launch Event & Scientific Workshop on 1, 2 & 3 June 2016 at the Aristotle University Research Dissemination Centre (KEDEA), Thessaloniki, Greece. For more information , go to: http://www.enve-lab.eu/index.php/icarus-launch-event/.